Strategy is at the core of everything we do. It’s what makes us a marketing multimedia company - we put marketing strategy first, in everything we do. We develop cross-channel marketing multimedia strategies that unite your messaging across advertising, social media, traditional media, email marketing, and on every corner of the web. Our inbound marketing strategies aren’t just a set of directions for you to follow, we use powerful tools to help you capture and act on valuable data about your target audience. We help you make the best decisions possible.


Step #1:

Developing a marketing proposal is a prescriptive process. First, we hold an in-depth strategic session with all stakeholders where we listen to your unique needs, what you've tried, your goals, audience, budget, and challenges.

Step #2:

Twothirty Media recaps the most significant challenges from the previous meeting and makes a recommendation, and gets buy-in.

Step #3:

Twothirty Media holds a demonstration meeting showing the functional pieces of the reccomendation to any stakeholders and answers any questions.

Step #4:

Twothirty Media presents a completed Marketing Strategy Agreement based on the previous meetings.

Step #5:

We begin executing the Marketing Plan!


Inbound Marketing Experts
Inbound marketing attracts customers by creating content and experiences tailored to them, putting you where your customers are looking, and establishing yourself as the clear authority. Good inbound marketing gets qualified leads to find you and ask for help.

Twothirty Media are HubSpot Solutions Partners.
Buyer Persona Development
Lead Scoring
Virtual Seminars
Call Tracking
Conversion Path Creation
Content Strategy
Multimedia Marketing
Email Marketing
Email Automation
A/B Testing (with websites and email blasts)
User Experience Research
...and much more!
What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing involves developing your brand and marketing content with your audience in mind. The the goal of an inbound campaign is turning your customers into long-term advocates by delighting them with excellence at each step along the customer journey.

Do you do marketing that isn't inbound?

Certainly! Most of our advertising services are outbound. But inbound marketing is a philosophy, in a way. Also, they are very much tied together since it gets reported along with your outbound marketing.

What tools and services do I need in my marketing strategy?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for marketing strategies. But, we've got it down to a science. Why don't you get in touch and request a marketing consultation?

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