No limits – no kidding! We develop one-off and omnichannel campaigns that put your ads where you need them and in front of who you need to see them. Using advanced targeting, we offer it all - social, search, display, online video, streaming radio, digital tv and OTT, native campaigns, podcast sponsorships, influencer advertising, and programmatic advertising.


Step #1:

We make sure your campaign is on a firm footing from the beginning by understanding you and your target audience. We hold an in-depth strategic session where we determine things like your cost-per-conversion and establish some reasonable goals for an advertising campaign. 

Step #2:

Twothirty Media develops an advertising strategy behind-the-scenes. We crunch all the numbers, determine the platforms, appropriate spend, mediums, and strategies, and rope in any third-party experts as needed for tactics, targeting or data.

Step #3:

Twothirty Media makes a recommendation, an agreement is signed, and we begin campaign work!

Step #4:

We continually fine-tune your ad campaigns, working to improve them and keep them operating as efficiently as possible.

Step #5:

You are delighted.


The advertising landscape is changing rapidly; staying on top of the latest changes and keeping your budget returning revenue is an almost full-time job. We supercharge your campaign with deep insights from third-party experts with some of the best data available. 
Television & Radio
WiFI Marketing
Digital Display
Facebook and Instagram
Over-the-top (OTT)
LinkedIn Ads
Podcast Sponsorships
Outdoor Advertising
Tools & Techniques
From tools that use AI to help you DIY your Google Ads budget to big-budget programmatic advertising campaigns - our tools take the mystery out of advertising campaigns and help us achieve ROI. We believe our job is to do more than manage your advertising budget. We are here to cut through the clutter and see that your leads are managed and cared for - just like you are. 
In-depth Reporting
Geotargeting and Predictive Technology
WiFi, SMS, and Email Marketing
Call Tracking
Answering Service/Sales Agents
Landing Pages
Workflows and Automation
What is a typical advertising budget?

It is somewhat industry-dependent, but we often recommend a minimum of $1,000/month for serious campaigns. Some campaigns may have more straightforward goals which require a cheaper ad spend, but we typically provide advertising as part of a more complex marketing package. Advertising is an investment in the growth of your business. Our goal is to determine what we need to do to see a return on your investment. Rest assured – we don’t like spending your ad revenue unless we know we can reach a KPI. So, our recommended spend varies from campaign to campaign. Note, if you have less than $1,000 a month or need advertising help but aren’t part of a more extensive marketing campaign or retainer, we may still be able to help! Ask about our DIY options for small businesses.

What kind of advertising is best for me?

We don’t know yet! You need to consider and research a lot before starting an advertising campaign. More often than not, there is also preparatory work we would need to handle before we begin, such as optimizing a website for leads or setting up a landing page. Often advertising isn’t always our first recommendation. Your best bet is to get in touch to schedule an appointment with us, and we can review your situation directly.

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