We are marketing multimedia specialists and we love multimedia. Multimedia is everywhere. Broken down into its raw ingredients, multimedia comprises photographs, marketing copy, audio, animations, and video. But it’s not until you combine them that the magic happens.


Twothirty Media specializes in being the place where it all comes together – the flexibility to take on any kind of project at any size. Whether that’s a sales presentation, a streaming video or radio ad, a photoshoot, aerial video, or animation, we can do it in-house. If your project is really big, you can count on us to bring in the best talent around to produce something really special.

Multimedia Examples



Tools & Techniques

Capturing and polishing that perfect photo, video, or audio file is a major part of what we do. We know the best techniques to make everything from products to events look and sound their very best.
On-site Photography and Post-Processing
On-site Videography and Video Production
Part 501 Certified Unmanned Aerial Systems Pilot (Drones)
3D Tours, 360 photo and video, and Virtual Reality
Audio Recording, Engineering and Production
What’s the advantage to having your marketing and multimedia done by the same group?

Because multimedia is combining multiple forms of media to convey a message. A small, tight group that can do it all in one place will have an easier time of uniting behind one vision. This puts more power behind your core messaging - the power of Marketing Multimedia.

So …. when you say anything…

Anything! Really, try us out. 

Can you do an aerial video for me?

Probably! But we are FAA certified UAV pilots, and follow the rules to the letter. We have to factor in all kinds of variables, such as weather, visibility, and location before we will tell you we can take off. It usually works out.

Do you do weddings?

No, sorry, we are a B2B company.

Can you produce a video from someone else’s footage?

Often - yes we can! It really depends on the quality of footage, and what our goals are.  

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