What is the Difference Between a Multimedia Agency and a Marketing Agency? 

April 16, 2024

The terms "multimedia agency" and "marketing agency" are often used interchangeably in casual conversation. However, they represent two distinct facets of the marketing industry. When experts use these terms interchangeably to describe their services, it might leave the audience with the impression that both types of agencies are fundamentally similar, as they contribute to promoting businesses and brands. However, while both multimedia agencies and marketing agencies are involved in promoting businesses and brands, they differ in their focus and the services they offer. 

While a multimedia agency specializes in creating multimedia content, a marketing agency focuses on the overall marketing strategy and execution, which may include multimedia elements. Unsuprisingly, some agencies offer both! Before deciding what kind of agency you want to be or work with, let's provide some definitions of both terms and explore their standard capabilities. 

What is a Multimedia Agency?

A multimedia agency is a company that specializes in capturing and producing compelling multimedia content for another brand or organization. Of course, a multimedia agency should have experience with multimedia shoots. These days, most can do more than the standard video and photo shoots, such as live streams or aerial media via unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), such as quadcopters or drones.

But these days, a multimedia agency is more than just a company that can handle your photo and video needs; a modern multimedia agency encompasses a broad spectrum of services that cater to diverse media formats. 

The key to understanding multimedia lies in its prefix, "multi," which indicates various media types, similar to the concept of mixed media in art. The mission of most multimedia agencies is to create content that can be disseminated across multiple platforms, including traditional advertising mediums, local and national media outlets, and all digital channels such as social media, television and radio spots, display and device ads, email blasts, and even websites. 

A multimedia agency:

  • Focuses on creating and producing various forms of media content, such as videos, images, websites, social media content, and PR.
  • Specializes in producing and distributing multimedia content across different platforms through organic social content, the wide distribution of paid ads such as programmatic streaming ads, environmental ads, and even, and sometimes especially, placement and spots with local media.
  • Often works with businesses to enhance their online presence and engagement through visually appealing and compelling content on an ongoing basis.
  • May offer services adjacent to or utilizing multimedia, such as web development, social media content, or advertising. 

A crucial aspect of a multimedia agency is its ability to deliver professional-quality results across these various media formats. A multimedia agency strives to serve as a one-stop-shop for businesses and individuals looking to create compelling, engaging content that resonates with their target audience across a wide range of media platforms.

What is a marketing agency?

Defining a marketing agency is much more straightforward than defining a multimedia agency. A marketing agency will always put marketing first. They can work with multimedia provided to them, and they typically have a crew of talented graphics and copywriting professionals, as well as strategists and specialists that you might not find at a multimedia agency. 

In addition, a marketing agency:

  • Focuses on developing and implementing marketing strategies to promote products or services.
  • Offers deeper specialty into marketing services, such as market research, search engine optimization (SEO) branding, influencer outreach, RevOps and customer relationship management software implementation, and brand and advertising campaign management.
  • Specializes in creating comprehensive marketing campaigns that may include multimedia elements as part of a larger strategy.
  • Works with businesses to define their target audience, create messaging, and execute marketing campaigns across various channels.

As you can probably tell, a marketing agency can do much more if it is also a multimedia agency. Likewise, a multimedia agency may find itself at a disadvantage when it comes to a serious, holistic advertising campaign without the insights of a marketing agency. So, what do we call agencies that do both of these on a high level?

What is a marketing multimedia agency? 

A marketing multimedia agency is a full-service multimedia firm that focuses on creating and implementing marketing strategies without the restrictions that the standard marketing agency might have on multimedia content and with more in-depth experience and specialization in executing marketing, branding, and advertising campaigns. Then, you would find in the standard multimedia agency. Unlike traditional marketing agencies that may specialize in one or two forms of media, such as print or television, web development and social media, or advertising and SEO, a marketing multimedia agency leverages a diverse range of media channels to reach and, engage and target any audience effectively. But at the heart of a marketing multimedia agency's services is the ability to craft compelling and cohesive marketing campaigns that utilize multiple forms of media, and one of the key advantages of working with a marketing multimedia agency is its ability to create integrated marketing campaigns that seamlessly blend various media formats. By leveraging the strengths of each media type, a marketing multimedia agency can create campaigns that are impactful and highly effective in driving audience engagement and brand awareness.

What about multimedia marketing?

After defining all three of these agency types, you might ask, "Well, then there must be a multimedia marketing agency out there, right?" And you are right! But if you break the name down, a multimedia marketing agency is just an agency that uses multimedia in marketing. Can you think of any marketing agencies that do not use multimedia? There is certainly room for such specialists, but typically, most clients and their audiences want to take advantage of multimedia content in their marketing campaigns. 

Twothirty Media is an example of a multimedia agency as well as a marketing agency. Marketing multimedia is a specialty in its own right, and providing full-service multimedia marketing services can be challenging. But a marketing multimedia agency needs to encapsulate the best of both worlds. It is a strategic partner for businesses looking to elevate their marketing efforts through the use of diverse and engaging multimedia content in marketing campaigns that are formed by seasoned marketing professionals. No matter what your organization's voice is, a marketing multimedia agency can help your business find it whether your audience is on social media, looking through search engines, on devices, at home listening to streaming music, driving, or at the gym, and put your message in front of them in a way that will delight your audience to see. If you are looking for a marketing agency with deep marketing skills and experts in developing gorgeous campaigns that will make your audience want to do business with you, why don't you reach out?

Written by Allison

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